Wacissa River/Springs
This is the short run back to Blue Spring. The depths in the run are 1-3 feet.  The circle at the end is the spring basin.
The Wacissa River/ Canoe Trail contains several small springs that flow into the Wacissa River.  Located about 25 minutes southeast of Tallahassee, the set of springs offer decent scuba diving and snorkeling.  The Wacissa Springs are not frequented by many divers due to there inaccessibility.  You'll need a canoe or small boat in order to dive most of the springs.  The biggest spring (Blue Spring) has a depth of about 25 feet and a basin of about 200 feet.  There is a small cavern opening with a small room.  Northwest of Blue Spring is a smaller spring featuring a cavern that can be penetrated to a depth of 24 feet.  The opening is only about 5 feet wide ( a tight squeeze).  It's recommended that you take a small boat as well as a map that can show you the rest of the spring locations, as it may be difficult to find the smaller springs.