elcome to the resource for everything underwater in Florida.  Information on scuba diving and snorkeling Florida dive spots including the mysterious Florida Springs and beautiful Florida Keys.  Find info on the exciting sport of spearfishing in
Florida's underwater playground.  Get directions to the hidden dive spots in Florida or watch a downloadable video from an underwater perspective.  If you live in Florida, come see what's in your backyard.  If you're visiting this pristine state, explore the natural wonders that will keep you coming back again and again.
Mandalay shipwreck in South Florida
Florida boasts the only living coral reef ecosystem in the United States and is world renowned for it's first class scuba diving and snorkeling.  Accompanied by this is a diverse marine life that thrives on the reef and allows for some excellent spearfishing opportunities.  Visit a Florida State Park and take a dip in a cold, freshwater spring.  The same spring water you drink out of the bottle is available to swim in and visit.
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Florida Scuba Diving
Hogfish speared East of Miami
Lobstering is another exciting sport in south Florida.  Be sure to check the new bag limit requirements before you go.