Vortex Springs
Located in Northwest Florida, Vortex Springs is a commercially operated dive park.  A 200 ft basin with 68 degree water year round.  Depths to 50 feet for the cavern dive and depths to 115 feet for the cave dive.  A handrail leads back in the cave dive for 400 feet.  There are two dive platforms for stationing and air pockets/bells at 20 feet..  Large carp swim around you in the basin while freshwater eels swim around you in the cave..  There is a dive shop w/ air fills and a snack shop on the premises.  Vortex has a very "artificial " look to it, but is a decent dive for scuba due to its safety features and large basin.  Other recreational activities are being added  to the facility.  A diver allegedly disappeared here in 2010 and was featured on an episode of ID Discovery's "Disappeared."

    I-10 to S-81 North (exit 15) for 5 miles.Look for sign on right.