Florida Springs
This is the undiscovered Florida.  There are so many people that live in Florida and have never had the opportunity to visit the crystal clear water of
Florida's natural springs.  Ponce DeLeon thought
they were the "fountain of youth" when he first discovered them.  One trip to them and you'll think the same, I guarantee it.  There are several springs throughout Florida that can be snorkeled, scuba dived, and explored by anyone.  Almost every spring keeps a steady 72 degree water temperature year round.  Cold for Floridians but not for Northerners ( I suggest a wetsuit).  The springs are feed through Florida's underground aquifer, dumping thousands of gallons of water daily.  The limestone rock filters the water making it crystal clear.  I've listed just some of the many springs throughout Florida that I've visited.  Enjoy!
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Vortex Springs
Ponce De Leon Springs
Manatee Springs
Peacock Springs
Hart Springs
Fanning Springs
Juniper Springs
Silver Glen Springs
Rainbow Springs
Cypress Springs
Wacissa River Springs
Merrit's Mill Pond
Morrison Springs
Wakulla Springs
Ichetucknee Springs
Troy Springs
Branford Spring
Ginnie Springs
Little River Springs
Running Springs
Econfina Creek
Blue Springs (Lafayette County)
Cow Springs
Rock Springs
Blue Springs- Orange CIty
Wekiva Springs
Diving Guide to Underwater Florida (10th...
Find your way to the springs with the best dive book ever made.  Ned DeLoach has done an excellent job listing numerous springs and offshore dive spots.  Click the link to buy.
See a short video clip of our latest dive at Paradise Springs near Central Florida.  The video was shot at 60 ft.down filming David Garland. **file is 484k. 1-2 min download tme
See a short video of Alexander Springs from the July dive trip..
Video of Blue Grotto, a sinkhole w/ depths to 100 ft from our July 2002 dive trip.
Coming out of Devil's Eye at Ginnie Springs
All movies are in Windows Media Player format and vary in size..  1-9 min download time. Most movies are about 20 seconds.
Ginnie Spring-main head spring
The grating @ 55ft down in Ginnie Springs
Short u/w video of Fanning Springs.
Video from 40 ft. depth looking up at diver in Catfish Hotel sink located in Manatee Springs state park.
Alexander Springs
Devil's Den
Video of Devil's Den- 23 seconds..
Video of cave entrance to Devil's Den
Poe Springs
Paradise Springs
Video of Poe Springs
Video of Paradise Springs topside
Blue Grotto
* Note on videos- If your using an AOL browser, you may encounter problems viewing videos. If you're using MSN Internet Explorer then you should be able to view the videos.  Windows XP users tend to have the best luck w/ the new Windows Media Player.  Good Luck!
The Springs of Florida
"The Springs of Florida" is full of pictures.
The Mother Load.  Includes most videos plus footage from diving in the keys w/ music from U2.  About 3 min. playing time.  Takes awhile to download.
The Underwaterflorida.com trailer 2.8MB  50 seconds.
"Florida Springs-The Unexplored Florida" DVD.  The DVD includes Florida's most popular springs underwater.  Don't miss this one!
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