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Welcome to the online resource for information on spearfishing in south Florida.  This site gives you an idea of what spearfishing in Florida is like and features pictures, downloadable underwater video, dive spots and general spearfishing information. Check back often for updates and send in your pics if you want to have them posted.  Spearfishflorida strongly respects the environment and suggests fellow spearfishermen/women always follow current regulations and bag/size limits.  Abuse of the ocean will eventually lead to no spearfishing in Florida! 

The big game to hunt in Florida are the Hogfish (commonly referred to as the Hogsnapper), Grouper, Snapper (Gray, Mutton, Lane, Red), Jack, Amberjack, and sometimes Cobia.  All of these fish are good eating.  They can be taken by spearguns, Hawaiian slings, or pole spears.  There are other fish that can legally be speared but lack the taste or may cause illness when eaten (i.e. Barracuda).  Hogfish generally average 2-3 lbs. in Florida, however 10-15lb. hog's, although rare, can still be found (17lb. Hogfish in pic to left).while spearfishing.
  State Records 
Hogfish          19 lbs. 8oz.
Grouper (gag)       71 lbs.
(Mutton)       28 lbs. 5 oz.
Jack Crevalle       57 lbs.
Amberjack           142 lbs.
Snapper (gray)      17 lbs.

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David Garland w/ a 10 lb. Hogfish shot East of Miami
94 lb. Cubera Snapper speared off Miami

17 lb. Hogfish taken off  Miami
Beach by Robert Villano.
20 lb. Mutton Snapper taken by Tom Lynch  Jupiter.
Corey Augenstein shot this 100lb Black off of Miami Beach on October 30, 2004.  Damm
that's big!

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Will Helton shot this 100 lb Cubera in 60' of water off of Indiatlantic, FL. 
Ira Hayes takes 2 large
lobster near Sebastin Inlet
Barron Rodney got this large hog in the middle grounds in 2012