Sanlando Springs
Located just west of Longwood, Sanlando Springs use to be a watering hole for many locals.  Sanlando spring was once open to the public and served as a tropical oasis to many swimmers.  Now the spring is enclosed in a private gated housing community, known as "The Springs" and off limits to the public. 

The springs basin, about 300' long by 200' wide, is surrounded by a concrete retaining wall with stairs into the water.  Depths in the basin average about 5'.  There are 2 spring vents on the north and south side of the basin.  Depths in the vents are about 10'.  The vents do not appear to be penetrable to the cave diver.  It is unknown if scuba diving is allowed. 

The water has a very green tint to it and algae covers much of the springs bottom.  The spring is showing signs of decay.

The spring connects to the Little Wekiva River and it is rumored you can snorkel up the river to reach the spring by ducking under a nearby fence. 

From I-4, drive west on st rd. 434 about a mile to Springs Blvd on the right.  This is the entrance to "The Springs" community.  The spring is located inside.  There are 2 other springs located in the subdivision as well including Starbuck Spring.