Paradise Springs
Movie of Paradise Springs topside- 
Time: about 21 seconds
Format: Windows Media Player
Movie of diver at 65 feet down in Paradise Springs
Paradise Springs is actually a sinkhole that is privately owned and operated.  The sink is now open to the public.  Depths here reach 140 ft. Upon entering the water, a large cavern is encountered.  At about 20 ft, you follow a large tunnel down at a 90 degree angle.  Open water divers should stop at 99 ft., where they'll see a sign warning them "prevent your death."  After 99ft. you loose all surface light and enter a small shaft that continues down to 140 ft.  Visibilty is generally good.  Careless divers make it worse. Some fossils can be seen in the walls of the cavern.

Take I-75 south to exit 69.  Go east 3miles to SR 441(Pine Ave) and turn right.  Follow the road for 8.5 miles until the road splits in two.(trees will be in the middle).  Take the first u-turn heading on 441.  Look for a black mailbox w/ a dive flag on it and turn right on the dirt road.  Follow the road 1/2 mile until you come to a yellow trailer w/ the Paradise Springs sign next to it.


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