Morrison Springs
Located in northwest Florida, Morrison Springs offers excellent scuba diving opportunities.  This large basin consists of three main vent openings.  The first cave entrance begins at 30 feet and the other begins at 50 feet.  Depths reach over 90 feet in the caves.  Light is always visible upon entering the large cavern.  In October 2003 the area was privately owned and air fills were available from a small dive shop. However the land was bought by the state in 2004 and the county now operates it as a park.  Currently admission is free.   This site is highly recommended and extremely clear and should not be missed for scuba diving.  You will encounter several freshwater eels throughout the cavern. 
A very cool experience!  Walton County park page

Head south from the town of Ponce De Leon for 5 miles on S-181A.  Turn left on dirt road when you see the sign for 1 mile.
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