Little River Springs
This spring is quite interesting.  Although the actual pool is small, there is a vent  that leads to an extensive cave system for the certified.  Pool depths are about 4 feet with a cavern (see pic) that leads to a vent at about 20 ft.  From there you have over 1,200 ft. of caves reaching depths over 100 ft.  The outflow spills into the Suwannee via a small river, hence the name, Little River springs.  Where the river pours into the Suwannee there are a set of rocks creating rapids.  A good snorkel and pretty scenery to enjoy.  Excellent dive if your cave certified.  The park now has a sea wall that makes the spring basin deeper. Pictures below are before the sea wall was built.

Cavern entrance
From Branford, head north on US 129 and look for the sign, turn left about 2 miles to a short dirt road that leads to the spring.
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