This is the premier spot for tubing and exploring one of the clearest rivers in Florida.. Ichetucknee Springs offers a 3-hour and 1.5-hour tube run down the Ichetucknee River.  This is virtual paradise!  It is a very relaxing ride down a beautiful landscape with crystal clear water.  As you can see in the picture to the left, there is a canopy of trees that tower over you as you gently float down the river at a moderate 1-knot.  I suggest bringing a mask so you can see the abundant fish and plant life.  The full float down the river  is only open during certain seasons (summer mainly) while the shorter float is open year round.  You can also snorkel the entire run to see the beautiful bottom (wetsuit required).  Check the Florida Parks website for exact times.
Ichetucknee Springs also permits scuba diving if you are cave certified during certain times of the year.  There is a small fee for diving.  Blue Hole (right) has an extensive cave system with a strong outflow.  The bottom of the hole opening is at a 30 foot depth.  The other main headspring, Ichetucknee Spring, has a large basin and can be snorkeled.  Depths reach about 22 feet.  No scuba diving is allowed in this spring. 
Ichetucknee River & Springs
Tubing on the Ichetucknee River
The journey down the river is very remote and there are no locations until the midway point (1.5 hours).  Several small springs line the river including Mission Springs, Ichetucknee spring, Blue Hole Spring, and many others.  There are crevices and small caves to explore along the way for the snorkeler.
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