The hawaiian sling utilizes a basic design similar to an underwater slingshot.  In the Bahamas, the pole spear and the hawaiian sling are the only legal tools to spearfish underwater.  It's the most primitive of underwater weapons and is still used by islanders today as a means to catch their fish.  Slings are made out of different material including wood, plastic, and steel.  A latex rubber tube is attached to the base sling and is pulled back with a limited range depending upon the user. Typically, you must get very close to the fish to spear it.
Hawaiian Sling
Buy a Hawaiian sling shaft here!  Made from solid corrosion resistant stainless steel.  This shaft will give you years of life.  1/4" 60" in length.  1/4" shafts give you the best range and speed for most fish.  5/16" shafts have more blunt force at close range.  Shafts will flex with the fish to prevent bends.
Hawaiian Sling Package
Deluxe shooter molded with ribs for a sure grip,
60" 1/4" Stainless steel spear,

5/16" x 60" SS Shaft                                                                                   $ 34.95
1/4" x 60" SS Shaft                                                                                      $29.95                                                         
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Deluxe Fiber Shooter
This sling is molded with ribs for a sure grip and designed to fit snugly in your hand.

Classic Wood Shooter
The tried and true sling.  This traditional sling is the same design used for several years.  Made from wood.