Hart Springs
Hart Springs is a Gilchrist County Park consisting of 3 small springs. that run out into the Suwannee.  Depths range from 7 to 20 feet in the spring basins.  A significant cave system was closed for several years after the deaths of divers.  A program called "Rescue 911" w/ William Shatner was filmed here re-enacting the deaths of 2 divers that got lost in the cave system.  The site has recently been re-opened to cave divers.  The water color tends to be  brown/green due to the vegetation around.   A boardwalk goes out to the Suwannee.  Not a visually impressive site.

Update!  Hart Springs is open to cave divers again.  You must register first. 
Visit www.hartsprings.com for more info.

From Fanning Springs take CR 232 north. 
Turn left (west) on CR 344
and look for sign to park.