Located in Northeast Florida, just south of Jacksonville, is the town of Green Cove Springs.  Like many small towns in Florida its name is derived from a freshwater spring.  Green Cove Spring has a circular concrete bowl built around its mouth.  Water is diverted from the spring into a large public swimming pool and from there diverted into the St. John's River.  No chorine is put into the pool as the water cycles through constantly.

The spring itself has approximately a 20 foot opening with a depth of around 30 feet.  The small cave opening reportedly opens into a large cavern with depths to 120 feet.  A shangri-la for cave divers.  Unfortunately you will never be able to scuba this spring because it is not allowed.  You will have to make due with taking only pictures and imagining.

The grounds are well maintained with picnic tables and admission is only $2.00 to swim in the pool.  There is and has always been a sulphur odor to the spring that's quite unpleasant.  Much history awaits you in the town of Green Cove Springs, FL.

From the intersection of U.S. 16 and SR 17 in the town of Green Cove Springs, go one block north on U.S. 17 and turn right (east) onto Spring Street and continue one block to the spring..