Emerald Spring
Located on the Econfina Creek , about 1/2 mile south of the Hwy 20 bridge. (25 miles North of Panama City)
This is a true gem hidden away from most people.  About 100 yards south of the entrance to the Gainer Springs group lies the easy to spot Emerald Spring.   Surrounded by a small cove and 20-25 ft. high bluff above it this spring is unique.  The water is a crystal clear blue and is very similar to Shangri-La Springs in Marianna.  Depths are about 9 feet in the basin and 3 feet at the spring.  Two very small caves are located through jagged rock with an extreme outflow (pic).  It may be possible to cave dive this site, but a no-mount system would have to be used.  Would be considered extremely dangerous.  Larger cave entrance estimated to be 2 ft. wide.
A water extraction pipe is located in the spring and pumped to the Petronis Bottling Company for bottled water.
According to locals an off duty officer is hired on weekends to prevent landfall on this private property.  Remember, they can own the land but not the rivers and waterways.  So try not to make land fall.
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