Econfina Creek Springs
Econfina Creek, located in Northwest Florida, offers several small springs accessible by a canoe or small boat. 

Take I-10 to US-231 south about 23 miles past Fountain, then turn left
on S-20 about 7 miles to Econfina Creek bridge. 

The first spring, Willford Spring, is located about 1.5 miles north of the bridge and can be canoed to.  It's about 15 feet deep with a small basin and cave opening. 

About 4 miles down is Blue Spring.  It can be reached by crossing a beaver dam.  Depths here are about 25 feet with two cave openings. 

About 1 mile downstream of the bridge is Gainer SpringsThere are several small springs in a large pool with
rocks. Good for snorkeling. 

Just downstream is Emerald Spring which has a cavern that can be penetrated.  The water is crystal clear here.  Just upstream from Emerald are several more small springs that can be snorkeled.  A whole day can be spent here exploring the springs either scuba diving or snorkeling.
Scenery along the Econfina Creek:
Unknown spring along the Econfina Creek:
Located about 200 yards south of the Highway 20 bridge on the west side of the bank.  There is a small opening in the trees that can be canoed through.  A fence is placed at the entrance to the spring, but it was cut open in September 2005.  Entry can be made.  Do not touch the surrounding land as it most likely is private. 

Depths are 7 feet at center.  Covered in foliage debree.  If cleared out, could be a very enjoyable spring.

The creek can be canoed with rentals available at the Econfina Creek Canoe livery.  First road west of highway 20 bridge on the NW side.  Follow road abbot 4 miles to trailer w/canoe rental.  They will pick you up about 5-6 miles down river.  Make sure they are open before you go.
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