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-14 Florida Springs
-Digitally Mastered Music
-Manatee Dive in Crystal River
-GPS Coordinates Guide Included
-Bonus Video of Other Florida Springs
-Old Photo's of Florida Springs
-Detailed Spring Facts (depth, dive 
skill, temperature, description, access)

"Florida Springs - The Unexplored Florida" is a compilation of several Florida springs viewed with digitally mastered background music.  Take an underwater journey through Florida's mysterious caves, caverns, sinkholes, and large spring basins.  This DVD features breathtaking views of large, underwater caverns and diverse marine life, including the Florida manatee.  Each spring is 2-6 minutes long with 68 total minutes of video.

Ginnie Springs
Devil's Eye
Devil's Ear
Ichetucknee River & Springs
Blue Spring
Rock Springs
Rainbow Springs
Devil's Den
Merrit's Mill Pond/Blue Springs
Shangri La Springs
Morrison Springs
Crystal River & Springs
Manatee Springs
Alexander Springs

Troy Springs
Blue Grotto
Peacock Springs
Gator Springs
Dogwood Springs


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Florida Springs DVD
Featured in Dive Training Magazine and the Miami Herald.