Located in Central Florida, DeLeon Springs has a unique history.  The spring was utilized as early as the late 1800's to refine sugar and crops by way of a sugar mill.  The mill was powered by the springs strong outflow of water.  A retaining wall was built to increase the flow.  The mill was burnt down twice by confederate solider's during the civil war. 

DeLeon springs has a basin about 100 yards wide and depths near the center vent are around 25 feet.  From the vent, about 4 feet wide, a cave continues for approximately 170 feet.  Scuba divers are only allowed with an instructor who must buy a yearly pass from the park.  Only used for scuba instruction.  Extremely crowded on hot weekend days.

Retaining wall makes spring look like an artificial pool and visibility is not that great in the basin (primarily due to large crowds).  Green algae covers the bottom.

Take US Hwy 17 North from Deland for six miles, following the State Park signs. Turn left onto Ponce DeLeon Blvd and travel one mile to the entrance to DeLeon Springs State Park.

Cave entrance
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