Crystal River and Springs
King's Spring
Crystal river is located in Crystal River, FL, just north of Tampa.
Three Sister's Springs
Photos courtesy of : "Florida Springs- The Unexplored Florida"
View video of a manatee         dive in crystal river.
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Crystal River consists of  3 main springs that are of interest to scuba divers and snorkelers.  Kings Spring has depths to 50+ feet and features a small cavern that is usually lined with all types of fish including Gray Snapper, Tarpon (100+ lbs.), Sergeant Majors, Sheepshead, Mullet and Blue crabs.  The main attraction to Crystal River is the Florida manatee.  Crystal River is the only place in the U.S. that allows you to swim with the manatee.  If you want to interact with a manatee, this is the place to come.  It's legal to touch the sea cow as long as you're not "harassing" or chasing it.  While swimming with the manatee,  they will often approach you because of there curious nature.  They love to roll on their backs so that you can scratch their bellies.  The winter (November-March) is your best bet to see a manatee and there are several dive shops and tour boats that would love to take you there.  Prices for manatee dives range from $25-$40/person or you can rent your own boat.
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