Cow Spring
Cow spring is a spring-siphon located in thick woods.  As you can see from the picture, it doesn't look that inviting, but there is a beautiful cave inside.  The cave entrance is at about 8 feet leading back to a small room.  Several hundred feet of cave passage way have been mapped here.  Maximum depth is 40 feet.  The water can be very clear at certain times. 
Advanced Cave Dive
The cave diving section of the National Speleological Society has purchased the land.  In order to dive the spring you must be a member.

S-51 north from Mayo.After the Suwannee river bridge take a right where you see the "Peacock Springs" sign.  go past Peacock springs turning right on a dirt road across from a church.  Follow the dirt road to the end.  The spring is to the left just before Running Springs.
February 2002

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