Blue Spring-Volusia County (Orange City)
Blue Spring (Volusia County) is located in a large state park in central Florida and offers excellent camping facilities.  Blue is known for its manatee migration in the run during the winter months.  There is a large slit cave (right) that drops down to 110 feet where a restriction limits further exploring.  On the way down, there are smaller caves that dead end into darkness about 15 feet back.  Scuba divers may continue only to be confronted w/ a strong flow that's known to blow the mask right off a diver.  You must check in and register to scuba dive.  Check with the park before you go, as they periodically shut down due to algae growth or manatee migration.
South on US 17/92 from Deland to Orange City.  Head west (left) on West French Ave (you should see signs).  continue west for 3 miles until you see the sign/entrance to the park on your left.
Blue Spring volusia county
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