Chassahowitzka River and Springs
Located about 45 minutes north of Tampa, this secluded river has several small springs to explore.  It you want to visit some springs off the beaten path then try the Chassahowitzka River. 

The springs are only accessible by canoe or kayak, which can be rented from a campground at the main boat launch.

About 200 feet upstream (right) from the boat launch there is the Devils Punchbowl. 

Depths are about 25 feet.  There is no penetrable cave or cavern.  You have to swim through the murky water about 15 feet down before you reach the clear water coming from the spring. 

Supposedly you are not allowed to swim in this spring because it's a high traffic boat area. 

Although several people were snorkeling in the spring with a dive flag. 

A few hundred feet further upstream and to the left is Chassahowitzka Springs or the Solution holes.

There are several holes that inter connect and can be swam through.  The headspring has a larger cavern to swim through.  This is where most of the locals kick back and drink beer on the weekends.  It is quite relaxing.

There are several other springs further upstream including: The Crack, Crab Creek (there is some dangerous cave diving here), Ruth Spring, Lettuce Creek, and Potter spring.
The Crack
Solution Holes
Crab Creek
Path to Ruth Spring
The Crack
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